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The pistol lands in a rare patch of wet amidst the dry of the desert, though Raven can't tell whether it's his or her blood.

"What's that for?"

"I'm gonna leave now,"
 Logan explains. "And walk to the nearest payphone and call one of my friends to come get me. You, Raven, you're gonna lie here by yourself and die. No friends. None of your children coming to save you. No one. While you're crawling around here, slowly bleeding out, you just think about who you are and what you've done with your life. 

And I'm sure you'll figure out what the pistol's for."

"Damn you," she coughs. "Damn you. I'll see you in Hell, Logan!
 You hear me, you bastard! Logan!"

If he hears her, it doesn't matter, because all she can do is watch as his shadow walks towards the setting sun, the only hope she had of surviving this disappearing into the coming dark.

Raven stares at the gun, wonders whether it would be quicker to set the barrel against her temple or her heart.

But instead she closes her eyes and gives into the black that's washing over her vision, a final bloody cough filling her mouth with the taste of metal.

And then there is nothing until there's white, all white, the beeping of machinery and the quick click of heels.

"You're awake." A voice. "We weren't sure you'd pull through."

Raven's eyes flicker open and she covers them with her forearm against the blinding light. She's not supposed to be here. She's supposed to be in Hell, awaiting him, just like she'd promised. "Who the hell are you?"

"Hailey. Your nurse. You know, you could be a little more grateful seeing as we saved your life. We found you right in the street, rambling about some man named Lo"

Throwing back her sheets, Raven doesn't flinch as she pulls herself out of the bed and the IVs in her arms tear. They'll heal soon enough. "I didn't ask anybody to save my life," she says in turn, heading for the door.

"Where are you going?! We haven't discharged you, and you'll need a prescription for"

Raven laughs, turning the corner and shifting into the nurse's appearance until she's out on the street. A street she doesn't recognize, a place she doesn't recognize, which is a rare thing for her. Living the life she has, there aren't many places she hasn't been.

"Hey, you," she says, grabbing a passerby hard by the wrist. She's blue again though she still dons the nurse's uniform, oddly old-fashioned given the technology in the hospital. "What do they call this place?"

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Blue whirls on whoever's got her wrist, instinctive, rotating her wrist in a swift defensive flick toward the woman's thumb to break her hold.

She pauses, then, allowing the words to parse.

Blue supposes she ought to be alarmed by a blue woman in a nurse's uniform, but mostly she's glad that, unlike Calla, touch doesn't come with a slew of images. She can feel the way time sort of shimmers around the woman, that she could reach out and watch it fractal if she wanted, but she doesn't.

"Darrow," she says. "It's called Darrow. It grabs people. Were you dressed like that on the planet of the blue guys or did you strip a nurse?"

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Blue laughs a little, more easily, and also because she actually hadn't meant it sexually. If anything, a little more sinister than that. But there's blue girl's proclivities on the table, and that's sort of reassuring in its own way. Being a psychic is just a pain around people who like to hide things.

"You wouldn't have," Blue says, with a little sigh and a shrug. There should be get started guides that are a little more helpful than what they actually give out. An FAQ or something. "It's not...really on the map. Conventions of signage, driving side of the road, age of consent puts us USA, but the stars don't even say Earth around here. Architecture and fashion is maybe, 40s? But tech could be mid 21st century, and anyway it doesn't matter. You can't leave."

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Blue doesn't actually care all that much if the woman believes her; it's the truth, so she'll figure it out one way or another.

"It's not a who, it's -- just not," she says, with a shrug. "There's nothing to stop. You'll see. Or you won't."

They're drawing weird looks: a blue woman with gold eyes is unusual even here, and in the nurse's uniform she looks downright uncanny. Blue ignores them and moves in the general direction of the train station and home. "Do you have a name?"

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Blue can't say what changes first, exactly; the woman sort of is vibrantly blue and nurse-y one moment and pale in a white dress the next. There's a moment of transition, but it almost disappears from Blue's mind. She's kept her hair and eyes the same, and Blue can't tell entirely if that's for her benefit or just out of preference.

"The feminine," Blue says, because it amuses her. Next to her, it's a suitable pun to make with the woman pale and sundress-ed. Blue's wearing a black leather jacket and boots, and though her fingers are clustered with rings, they're all sort of aggressively angled.

"I'm Blue," she says, which also amuses her. "That's a good trick, there."
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